Dr. Anita Chaurasia Principal

Principal's Message

Dear parents, teachers, and students, I extend to you all a very warm welcome to Jamuna Prasad Kanya Inter College Website. I hope that this initiation to website will assist in enhancing the school culture furthering the school’s growth and evolution, enabling it to interface with the networked world for efficiency and effectiveness.

Education is one of the means to transmit the light of life and spread the radiance of it in the ambience in which we live. We aim at the integral development of each student under the banner of Jamuna Prasad Kanya Inter College and lay a lot of impetus on honing every aspect of child's personality that works towards nurturing the child in to a happy and well equipped human being.

The reputation, the school has acquired and established over these years is due to the dedication and selfless commitment of teachers, supporting staff, and the students. With the support of the staff and families, our students explore, express and excel academically and creatively. I appreciate the dedication and the selfless service of the teachers of the past and the present and wish them all, best of fortune, peace and prosperity for their contribution to the noble task of spreading education and its manifest qualities, aims and objectives.

Wishing You All The Best
Dr. Anita Chaurasia Principal

M.A, B.Ed, Phd English

Our Facilities..

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    Providing a proper playground is beneficial to keep the children fit and healthy.School playground equipment in India positively impacts children's emotional, social, physical, and mental growth.

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    Music & Dance

    Children learn new things, like sounds, words and patterns through music. With dance, they can explore and control their body movements.

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    Arts & Crafts

    Art and craft help develop appreciation of visual aesthetics and function as building blocks for the development of children.

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    Safe Transportation

    It's important to educate children at an early age about eating healthy foods. Eating healthy helps a child maintain their concentration and energy levels.

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    Healthy Food

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    Educational Tour

    These tours provide the students with the opportunity of learning through travel, especially to places that they may not otherwise get to visit.